CSC108H (UTM, Fall 2010): Lectures


This page will contain notes from lecture, mainly from code developed during lecture. We will try to post these notes after each lecture.

At present this schedule is very tentative. It will be updated as the term progresses.

Week Reading Monday Wednesday Friday
1 Intro: Ch 1 Labour Day Welcome! Intro to Python
Introductory slides (pdf)
CodeLab slides (pdf)
sunset program (py)
Administrative Details and Basics
admin slides (pdf)
2 Python Basics and
Functions: Ch 2, 7.1
Variable Types and Naming
types, expressions, names (pdf)
slides (pdf)
3 Modules: Ch 4
Ifs and Booleans: Ch 6
Functions and Scope
slides (pdf) original improved

slides (pdf)

1st year Cohort Session academic integrity slides (pdf)
docstrings and mutability demonstration
docstrings slides (pdf)
4 Strings: Ch 3
Mutability: Ch 5.6
slides (pdf)
Strings (pdf)
5 While: Ch 7.2-7.7
Lists: Ch 5
slides (pdf)
Finishing While and Lists Intro
Transcription of Python Shell Commands (txt)
Lists and Loops
Test Review
Cover Page     API
Loops over Lists (py)
6 Files: Ch 5.10, 8 Thanksgiving -- No Class! Test 1
Lists and Mutability
List Practise (py)
7 Dictionaries: Ch 9.2, 9.5 Files
transcript of shell
Tuples and Dictionaries
Announcements (pdf)
transcript of shell

1st year Cohort Session Time Management with Scrum slides (pdf)
Dictionaries and Loops example
8 Dictionaries Dictionaries and Testing (final version for Andrew))
More Lazy Lit Example (final version for Michelle)
Announcements Slides (pdf))
9 Testing and Debugging:
Ch 4.5, 12.3-12.4
Functions as First Class
Announcements Slides (pdf)
Debugging Example
Announcements Slides (pdf)
Slides (pdf)
10 Classes: Ch 13
Guest Lecture: Arnold Rosenbloom
Test 2
Test Cover Page (pdf)
API (pdf)
Announcements Slides (pdf)
11 Classes Classes
Sorting:list.sort and Writing a Comparison Function
Passing A Reader to Functions
Announcement Slides
Coffee class
Two input text files: ganish.txt michelle
Sorting Slides
12 Sorting and Complexity:
Ch 11.3-11.4, 10
Sorting and Searching
Timing sorting code (py)
Merge Sort and Complexity
Complexity Slides
Code Examples (py)
13 Review Wrap-up and Review
Complexity Code Examples (py)
Announcements (pdf)
Study Period - No Class! Study Period - No Class!